“Enable-tap-to-click” is causing a lot of confusion for me and my father-in-law. Both Apple fans. This is a hard switch.

You need to reboot the machine for it to take effect when switching it off. If you just unselect the checkbox, it stays on! What gives Google? However, when you switch it off, it because a carpal-tunnel syndrome generator. Hard to click on this crappy track-pad. I will switch to a mouse mode, using up the only USB port on the machine, but I feel that for the most effective navigation and handing, I would have to do that.

I am not a hardware expert, not even close, but what would it take to work on that a little bit more. Hopefully the Samsung and Acer versions have this worked out.


Chromebook – Guest mode

Well …, another disaster. Father-in-law (disclosure: major Apple-fan-boy at 69+ years old and shareholder in Apple) gave it back in 10 minutes. Not even willing to consider other options.