Career Advice To Myself

Here are some thoughts from articles I’ve been reading (along the general lines of career advice and research for introverts).

Imagine a team member with all the traditional vocational skills: productive, skilled, experienced. A resume that can prove it.

That’s fine, it’s the baseline.

Now, add to that: Perceptive, charismatic, driven, focused, goal-setting, inspiring and motivated. A deep listener, with patience.

What happens to your organization when someone like that joins your team?

– Stop Calling Them “Soft” Skills by Seth Godin



The US taxes its citizens regardless of where their money is earned or where they live. The results of that taxation is a mountain of paperwork that can force US citizens to hire international tax specialists.

The burden of filing international taxes increased in recent years after the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act became law in 2010.



WTF Of The Day

From the ever amusing BBJ

Why, oh why? What is wrong with this picture? Boris is clearly in his element of fatty food, enough hard liquor from the day before and checking out all the young boys hanging around the offices.

At the same time, he is hanging on to some cheap plastic pen, like his life depends on it.

And who puts an ugly Dell monitor on a neoclassical table, and who takes a picture of it? It is just all-around WTF?!?!?!?!?!



Launched in 2002 as “the Colombian PayPal” with headquarters in Bogota. BuscaPé acquired 75% of this Colombian payment processing and aggregating company in 2010, which means that it is also part of the Naspers group. It integrates different payment solutions including local credit cards, but also bank transfers and cash payments – which is crucial since most Latin Americans don’t have a credit card. BuscaPé itself is now using PagosOnline’s services for its platforms, and the company claims to have over 5,000 clients, including e-commerce websites, retailers and airlines (40% of transactions are related to plane tickets).

Though online payments are booming in Colombia (+45% in 2010, i.e. US $600 million), PagosOnline’s business is not limited to its home country: it is currently expanding through the region and started operations in Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Panama and Argentina via its division [LatinAmericanPayments](

human:No Hope

Betting on … by a participant of the game is corrupt because it erodes and destroys the integrity of the game of … Betting also exposes the game to the influence of forces who seek to control the game to their own ends. Betting on one’s own team gives rise to the ultimate conflict of interest in which the individual player/bettor places his personal financial interest above the interests of the team.

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