The US taxes its citizens regardless of where their money is earned or where they live. The results of that taxation is a mountain of paperwork that can force US citizens to hire international tax specialists.

The burden of filing international taxes increased in recent years after the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act became law in 2010.




Moving [Updated]

Bye bye Boston😭  Hello Chelsea, but still in US😜

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human:No Hope

Betting on … by a participant of the game is corrupt because it erodes and destroys the integrity of the game of … Betting also exposes the game to the influence of forces who seek to control the game to their own ends. Betting on one’s own team gives rise to the ultimate conflict of interest in which the individual player/bettor places his personal financial interest above the interests of the team.

The Dowd Report

Shallow River

Search engines settle every bar bet, yet deny the ice-breaking bar chatter that may have warmed your bed that night. The art of description is replaced with the accuracy of photography and video—more exact, less compelling. Facebook makes sure that no one misses my birthday while eradicating its meaning. The program is the one sending me cards; relying on the feature, my friends have long forgotten the actual date. … Our information flows in a broader river than ever before, but it’s so shallow. Keeping the digital realm largely confined to desktop cages once contained this devolution, but no more.

– by Daniel Genis


Not having an opinion means not having an obligation. And not being obligated is one of the sweetest of life’s riches.

by Paul Ford at Medium