Craftsperson or Lucky Hobbyist?

Önmagában az, hogy jó minőségű kép készül, profi felszereléssel, ma már édeskevés. A hivatásos fotósok díjazásában inkább más dolgokat fizetünk meg: a stabil minőséget, garanciát a hitelességre, objektív távolságtartást, a rendelkezésre állást és a ráfordított időt – nehéz ezeket elvárni olyantól, aki a szabadidejében, hobbiból készít képeket, mégis egy kalapban versenyeznek most a piacon.

– by Hernádi Levente from Egyetemista srác …



We live in a culture that nurtures competitive skills. And they are necessary: discipline, rigor and reliability. But it’s probably a good idea to try to supplement them with the skills of the creative monopolist: alertness, independence and the ability to reclaim forgotten traditions.

Everybody worries about American competitiveness. That may be the wrong problem. The future of the country will probably be determined by how well Americans can succeed at being monopolists. By David Brooks in The Creative Monopoly

Daily word for your website

The UrbanDictionary is an invaluable tool for your everyday cultural intelligence lessons. It will tell you all the offensive ways that you can utilize in your travels/daily-conversations with inferior species. The best way to advertise your assumed superiority is to put a “Word Of The Day” on your site/app.

This is the simple example to achieve that:

<script type="text/javascript" src="" />

You can put this one liner at the bottom of your page, just above the </body> tag.

Have fun 😉

Shallow River

Search engines settle every bar bet, yet deny the ice-breaking bar chatter that may have warmed your bed that night. The art of description is replaced with the accuracy of photography and video—more exact, less compelling. Facebook makes sure that no one misses my birthday while eradicating its meaning. The program is the one sending me cards; relying on the feature, my friends have long forgotten the actual date. … Our information flows in a broader river than ever before, but it’s so shallow. Keeping the digital realm largely confined to desktop cages once contained this devolution, but no more.

– by Daniel Genis


Not having an opinion means not having an obligation. And not being obligated is one of the sweetest of life’s riches.

by Paul Ford at Medium