Excellent! On so many levels. The acting is superb and while I think Ewan McGregor is superb, I also thank GOD for not making him any more successful. He has been around forever and still hungry for the role (not Star Wars type crap, but I understand that he has to feed his family).

Personal theme from the director, which is a bit too much, but in this case it works. Cinematography and sound are just perfect, understated.

Just the way I like it. 5 out of 5!


Pat’s Peak II

Mushy conditions and slight snow when we have arrived, but in good spirits and ready for anything.

Jodi and Mat and Taylor were there as well

Chromebook – Image Upload

Excellent solution! 5 out of 5. This is something Apple does not do too well, I think.

Bought new camera and tested it around where I live. Took videos and all kinds of standard pictures. Nothing special, just usual stuff.

Popped out the SD card and popped it into the Chrome machine. Nothing special, it just shows up as one of the directories and started uploading about 400Mb data. While started Picasa before the Flickr upload, simultaneous upload is somewhat shaky a bit, but that is understandable and would not happen with most usual users.

Some of the pictures got locked by Flickr and Picasa “rejected” them. No big deal. Once Flickr is done, I will re-upload the missing ones to Picasa.

While I took some larger video files, I would rather not loose them. Not sure where and how to upload. Picasa leaves them to the end of the upload and it might fill up the allowed disk space. Would be a nasty surprise if I would care. Flickr takes it in order, allowing the movie in the middle of the list (alphabetically) to be uploaded and risk it that the last one will not make it.


“Enable-tap-to-click” is causing a lot of confusion for me and my father-in-law. Both Apple fans. This is a hard switch.

You need to reboot the machine for it to take effect when switching it off. If you just unselect the checkbox, it stays on! What gives Google? However, when you switch it off, it because a carpal-tunnel syndrome generator. Hard to click on this crappy track-pad. I will switch to a mouse mode, using up the only USB port on the machine, but I feel that for the most effective navigation and handing, I would have to do that.

I am not a hardware expert, not even close, but what would it take to work on that a little bit more. Hopefully the Samsung and Acer versions have this worked out.

URL evaluation on the GoogleChrome notebook

These observations have nothing to do with the machine or with the browser, just to see how various places on the web can be handled by this little wonder.

Checking my own company’s site,
The title of the page document->html->head->title element says “Home”. Pretty ridiculous!
I would not call the URLs clean, so bookmarking and other such things (Instapaper) would expose a lot of information when shared. Not good! Also, extremely hard to remember.

Checked out some jobs in Canada and the Java based employment website is behaving well. Too bad there were no jobs I am interested in.

Picture a day will not scare you away

My first picture post should be a good one. This picture was taken at the very posh area of the South of Mass., near Nantasket Beach. Wait, not near, on Nantasket Beach.

On the beaches of southern Massachusetts
We love the beach, but love each other more.

Photo credit goes to our private photographer of the day, outsourced from China, Jing “Orange” Li. Thank you Orange!

First Announcement

I am introducing the new site “B(l)ogus Hungaricus” to the world where anybody (who can pay for it) can get WordPress, Drupal and other LAMP based software help and support.


If I wrote it, you can have it.


Please contact me with your job offers and other requests, regarding possible collaboration and other enterprising endevours.